Sogtradex is an unregulated forex broker, devoid of the essential legitimate forex license, and conducts its operations without the oversight of credible regulatory bodies.

In this Sogtradex review, we will discuss whether they represent the optimal choice for safeguarding your funds against potential loss.

Website –

Address – 6595 Boles Road, Johns Creek, GA 3009 USA

Warning – Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom)

Regulated – Unregulated, Blacklisted

Domain Age –

Date RegisteredSeptember 14, 2022
Domain Age1 year, 25 days, 3 hours, 58 minutes


Even though Sogtradex asserts its registration in the US, it lacks the essential forex license necessary for legally providing its services in that jurisdiction. This concerning revelation raises significant doubts regarding the safety of investing with them.

Furthermore, the esteemed regulatory authority of the United Kingdom, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), identified Sogtradex’s fraudulent activities and also issued a stern warning categorizing Sogtradex as an unauthorized entity that may employ deceptive practices.

In light of these substantial warning signs and deceptive assertions, it is paramount to exercise the utmost caution and abstain from any engagement with Sogtradex.

Trading Platform

Their self-proclaimed top-tier trading platform falls significantly short when measured against the industry-leading MetaTrader platforms, to say the least. It provides nothing more than TradingView-enabled charts, paling in comparison to the advanced features of MetaTrader.

Don’t settle for a basic trading experience when countless reliable brokers provide the pinnacle of trading tools – the MetaTrader platform.

Payment Methods

There are several red flags regarding Sogtradex lack of transparency, including their undisclosed minimum deposit requirement and their exclusive use of cryptocurrency payments, specifically Bitcoin. 

There are significant concerns about the credibility and professionalism of Sogtradex as a broker due to the lack of transparent conditions and fees associated with withdrawals.

Trading Conditions

If you have a broader range of trading interests, such as commodities, stocks, or indices, Sogtradex may not align with your preferences, as it exclusively facilitates trading in Forex and cryptocurrencies.

The spreads offered by Sogtradex remain undisclosed. This lack of transparency gives rise to concerns about potential concealed expenses, making it difficult for traders to evaluate the overall cost efficiency of their trading endeavors with the platform.

Additionally, crucial information concerning the available leverage options at Sogtradex is conspicuously absent.

How does the scam work?

Online trading scams are unfortunately quite common, and one of the most prevalent tactics used by scammers is to showcase profitable trades to create a false sense of confidence in potential investors. They often promise ‘easy money’ to lure investors in. Once trust is established, scammers typically encourage investors to invest more capital, with the promise of even higher returns. In addition, they may offer various incentives to convince investors to bring their friends and family onto the platform.

When the brokerage believes it has drained all available funds from an investor and their network, it may proceed to suspend the account, denying access to the invested funds.

Furthermore, many fraudulent firms may falsely claim to operate within a regulated jurisdiction, displaying counterfeit regulatory licenses and addresses on their websites to bolster their credibility among unsuspecting investors. It is essential to exercise caution and cross-verify information from multiple sources. Maintaining constant vigilance is crucial when considering investments in trading platforms.


If you’ve fallen victim to a Sogtradex scam or any fraudulent scheme, there’s a proactive step you can take. Simply complete a complaint form on our website and you’ll be eligible for a free consultation with our experts. During this consultation, we’ll outline the necessary steps to help you recover your funds. Rest assured, your financial security remains our foremost concern, and we are committed to supporting you through every phase of the process.

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