InvesaCapital, masquerading as a legitimate forex broker, is, in reality, a fraudulent operation. Below, we present key reasons why you should steer clear of any investments with them:

Deceptive Claims: InvesaCapital markets itself as a comprehensive Forex broker, supposedly offering access to currencies, commodities, indices, shares, and cryptocurrencies.

The Truth about InvesaCapital

Unregistered Forex Broker

InvesaCapital shamelessly employs false claims to dupe unsuspecting investors into believing it conducts business ethically and legally. It purports to be registered in South Africa, a country with a high demand for financial services. However, InvesaCapital lacks the necessary authorization to provide financial services in any jurisdiction. Unlicensed brokers operate without regulatory oversight and are inherently untrustworthy.

Overwhelming Negative Feedback

Online forums are flooded with negative reviews from individuals who have fallen victim to this fraudulent broker. Inability to withdraw funds is a recurring complaint among users. Based on these customer testimonials, it is evident that InvesaCapital is engaged in defrauding clients of their hard-earned money.

Dubious Claims

InvesaCapital’s website is riddled with irrelevant data and license numbers, all of which are used to mask the fact that it lacks a legitimate Forex license. In light of these deceptive tactics, it is highly advisable to steer clear of InvesaCapital and disregard their false claims. All signs point to InvesaCapital being a fraudulent operation.

How These Brokers Operate

Brokers like InvesaCapital often employ aggressive tactics, such as unsolicited phone calls to solicit deposits. They entice potential clients with promises of unrealistic investment returns to persuade them to invest. Once an initial investment is made, they continuously pressure clients to deposit more. Everything they say is a fabrication. Typically, these fraudulent brokers employ a large number of agents, often based overseas, to make these calls. They swindle clients of their funds and then vanish without a trace, becoming inaccessible through phone, email, or chat. In many cases, the broker’s website ceases to function after a while.

Indicators of InvesaCapital’s Shadiness

InvesaCapital Review – Regulation and Safety of Funds

InvesaCapital’s “Company Information” section lists numerous brand names, addresses, and license numbers while claiming affiliation with these entities, creating considerable confusion.

Doubtful Ownership Claims

InvesaCapital claims to be run by Imermarket (PTY) LTD, a Johannesburg-based investment firm. However, there is no concrete evidence to support this claim. Additionally, other entities, such as XENIUM FINANCIAL MANAGERS and XENIUM FINANCIAL MANAGAGERS (PTY) LTD, are associated with Imermarket. InvesaCapital has also made misleading claims of affiliation with a Cyprus-regulated company, OBR Investments Ltd.

Unsubstantiated License Claims

These claims appear to be fabrications. InvesaCapital appears to have illegitimately used the licenses and reputations of these companies to deceive clients.

InvesaCapital’s Trading Software:

InvesaCapital’s so-called “trading platform” is a basic web-based platform that lacks essential features.

Deceptive Demo Account:

nvesaCapital offers a demo account option, but it requires a deposit to access. Reputable brokers usually provide fully functional demo accounts free of charge, making this another red flag for potential fraud.

Inadequate Trading Conditions

InvesaCapital offers four account options with exorbitant minimum deposit requirements. The spread on EURUSD is unattractive at 3.0 pips, while most reputable brokers offer narrower spreads. InvesaCapital’s leverage of up to 1:30 is also risky.

InvesaCapital’s Deposit/Withdrawal Methods:

InvesaCapital only accepts Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards. Reputable brokers typically offer a wider range of payment options, including e-wallet systems like Skrill and Neteller.

Choosing a Legitimate Forex Broker

It is essential to conduct thorough research before engaging with a forex broker. Dealing with a licensed UK broker or USA broker or anyone else provides confidence, as client funds are typically held in separate accounts for added security. In contrast, the FSCA does not mandate South African brokers to limit leverage, making it a high-risk option, especially without negative balance protection.

In conclusion, InvesaCapital exhibits numerous warning signs of being a fraudulent operation. It is paramount to exercise caution and due diligence when choosing a forex broker to ensure the safety of your investments and financial security.

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