Dukasbance Review – Is Dukasbance Legit or a Scam?

Dukasbance, operating as an unregulated broker, raises concerns about its reliability. For traders prioritizing the safety of their investments, it’s prudent to avoid engagement with this dubious forex broker. Protect your financial assets by exploring safer, well-regulated options within the trading landscape. Continue reading this Dukasbance review to know more.

Website – http://dukasbance.com/ and http://dukasbance.io/

Address – Dufourstrasse, Zurich, 8008, Switzerland

Regulation – Unregulated

Warned By – Ontario Securities Commission (Canada) and Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (Switzerland)

Domain Age – 

Domain Namedukasbance.com
Date RegisteredJanuary 31, 2023
Domain Age8 months, 4 days, 15 hours, 20 minutes, 9 seconds

Dubious Brokerage in Switzerland

Dukasbance presents itself as a reputable brokerage with headquarters in Switzerland, however, a further examination casts considerable doubt on this claim. Switzerland is a great location for financial services because of its strict financial market legislation and top-notch regulations. The influential regulatory body in charge of preserving the integrity of the nation’s financial industry is the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

Tier 1 Jurisdiction: Stringent Regulations

Switzerland operates as a Tier 1 jurisdiction, imposing strict requirements on brokerage firms. Any Swiss-based broker must be registered and regulated by FINMA to legally operate and provide services across Europe. However, our investigation into Dukasbance’s status on FINMA’s database revealed a troubling warning. This casts a shadow of doubt on Dukasbance’s claims of legitimacy, prompting caution for those considering its services in the highly regulated Swiss financial landscape.

Dukasbance Trading 

At first glance, Dukasbance appears to be an impressive broker, offering a wide range of assets for CFD trading. However, a closer examination reveals a significant caveat. Dukasbance primarily deals in Contracts for Differences (CFDs), meaning traders don’t own the underlying assets but speculate on their price movements. 

This distinction is vital as it affects the trading experience. While CFDs provide flexibility, they also carry higher risks due to leverage. Traders must weigh the benefits against the inherent complexities and potential losses when considering Dukasbance as their trading platform.

Dukasbance Withdrawal Issues

Dukasbance understands the importance of seamless fund deposits. When adding money to their trading accounts, customers have a variety of payment methods to select from, such as bank transfers, cryptocurrency, and credit and debit cards.

While Dukasbance excels in facilitating deposits, a glaring gap exists when it comes to withdrawals. Unfortunately, the website is devoid of important details on the withdrawal options. Unexpectedly, not even the FAQ section—which often responds to frequently asked questions—provides any information about this crucial part of trading account management. Clients are left in the dark about how to access their hard-earned profits.

Dukasbance’s Dubious Additional Services

Dukasbance’s numerous extra services often trigger skepticism. These offerings seem more like deceptive marketing ploys than genuine benefits. Customers often find themselves disappointed and feeling misled. Dukasbance’s focus on these services appears to be a smokescreen to distract from underlying issues. Instead of improving their core products, they invest in marketing tactics that do little to enhance the overall customer experience.

Dukasbance’s additional services appear to be more about marketing manipulation than genuine customer benefit, leaving customers justifiably skeptical of their intentions.

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