Initially, BitWest Group impresses with its wide array of instruments and state-of-the-art trading software, enticing traders with the promise of boundless opportunities. Read this complete BitWest Group review to know why we add this broker in our scam brokers list.

However, the actual reality behind their promises is starkly different. BitWest Group operates in an unregulated environment, making it an exceedingly unreliable option. Hence, we emphatically discourage any engagement with BitWest Group to safeguard your well-earned funds.

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Warned By – Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom)

Bitwest Group Review: Regulation

BitWest Group may initially present itself as a promising forex broker, but a closer examination uncovers a web of deceit and trickery. Their website, alarmingly rudimentary and shrouded in obscurity, deliberately omits any traces of contact information, leaving traders in the dark without an address, phone number, or even links to social media profiles.

In fact, they have adeptly concealed their whereabouts, registration details, and regulatory information, giving rise to legitimate concerns about their transparency and accountability. BitWest Group operates without a valid forex license. What’s more, the esteemed regulatory body of the United Kingdom, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has taken notice of their fraudulent activities and unequivocally issued a warning, categorizing them as an unapproved entity engaged in deceptive practices.

Bitwest Group Review: Trading Platform

The web-based trading software offered by BitWest Group is as questionable as the company’s reputation, exuding an aura of unreliability and doubt. It is highly recommended to avoid engaging with such platforms, as they lack credibility and carry a substantial risk of jeopardizing your well-earned finances.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

BitWest Group provides a range of seven account types: Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Black, each designed to cater to various financial preferences. These account types come with their specific minimum deposit requirements.

For instance, the Basic account necessitates a minimum deposit of $250, while the Bronze account requires a higher deposit of $5,001. Progressing further, the Silver account mandates a $15,001 minimum deposit, while the Gold account demands a more substantial $50,001. The Platinum account entails a minimum deposit of $150,001, and moving to even greater levels, the Diamond account beckons with an impressive minimum deposit of half a million dollars.

In a puzzling turn of events, their Black account demands an astonishing half a million dollars as the minimum deposit. These requirements appear extravagant for a company lacking both regulation and credibility.

Notably, BitWest Group, operating as a dubious broker, confines its clients to payment options like Credit/Debit cards, Wire transfers, or SEPA transfers exclusively. Upon examining BitWest Group’s Terms and Conditions, it is concerning to discover that they impose a minimum withdrawal requirement of $50.

This practice is uncommon among reputable brokers in the industry, which typically do not impose such restrictions. Requiring a minimum withdrawal amount can be inconvenient for traders, particularly those who may wish to withdraw smaller sums.

Bitwest Group Review: Trading Conditions

Exercising prudence and a healthy dose of skepticism is crucial when scrutinizing the assertions put forth by BitWest Group concerning their advertised spreads.

While their platform may display enticing figures like 0.3 pips for EUR/USD, 0.5 pips for GBP/USD, and 0.5 pips for USD/JPY, it’s imperative to assess their overall credibility and authenticity. Given their status as a fraudulent broker, the spreads they promote are likely fictional and do not accurately reflect real market conditions.

The conspicuous absence of information concerning leverage stands out as a prominent red flag when evaluating the reliability and trustworthiness of BitWest Group. Leverage is a potent tool that can amplify both gains and losses in trading endeavors. It’s paramount for traders to possess a clear comprehension of the potential risks before engaging with a broker.


In the unfortunate event that you fall prey to a BitWest Group scam or any fraudulent scheme, there is a proactive avenue for seeking resolution. Just fill out a complaint form on our website, and you will be eligible for a free consultation with our experts to discuss the steps involved in potentially recuperating your funds.

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